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1st Prize in the "I Love Chinese Style" Global Short Video Competition 我校外教在人民日报主办的全球短视频大赛中荣获一等奖
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 Congratulations! Adam Mcilmoyle from Middle School won the first prize in the "I Love Chinese Style" global short video Competition. The link of the video:  https://wap.peopleapp.com/special/1198

    近日,由人民日报社主办、人民日报社新媒体中心承办的“我爱中国风”全球短视频大赛圆满落幕,大赛累计征集到近19万部参赛作品,大赛最终评选出29件综合奖及若干优秀组织奖。其中,华师双语初中部的Adam Mcilmoyle老师拍摄的探索西江苗寨地方民俗文化的作品《不一样的中国 你不知道的中国》荣获大赛一等奖。视频链接: https://wap.peopleapp.com/special/1198

    “我爱中国风”全球短视频大赛自今年3月31日上线以来,在全球范围内征集到众多生动鲜活的短视频作品,参赛者从中国民俗、艺术、风景、美食等多个角度取材创作,内容涵盖舞龙舞狮、玉雕、磁器口古镇等独具特色的中国元素,向世界传递出丰富多元、历久弥新的中国形象。大赛期间,相关内容全网传播量近20亿,全球新闻综合平台Google News、知名海外媒体Times Online、Digital Journal等海外600余家媒体平台在全球范围内发布报道,进一步向世界展示了丰富、多元的中国文化。


Interview for Mr.Adam 

关于奖项About The Prize

1.    是什么契机,你参加了这个比赛?

What led you to this competition?

I entered the People’s Daily competition in 2020 and received first place, so I thought I’d try my luck again and made a video for this year’s competition!

2.    平时您是怎样计划旅行,怎么去了解中华文化的?

How do you plan your travels and learn about Chinese culture

I am always searching online for interesting places in China. Once I decide on a general area, I look for special activities or local food that I could go and try! 

3.    这次视频的选材,为什么选择了苗族?

Why did you choose the Hmong people for this video?

I had seen the photos of the village surrounding the mountain online, and I have been wanting to go there for years as it was like nothing I had ever seen. The Miao people drew my attention with their unique clothing, and I’m glad I went as I now have a new favourite food – Green bean noodles! 

4.    接下来还有什么旅行和拍摄计划吗?

What are the travel and filming plans for next?

I would love to visit GanSu province. The rainbow mountains and the crescent lake at Dunhuang look amazing! 

5.    您都用哪些器材进行拍摄?

What kind of equipment do you use for filming?

I use a Sony A7c and a DJI Air 2 to do most of the filming. But really it doesn’t matter what camera is used – the story is the most important thing!

6.    您是怎么学习拍摄和剪辑的?

How did you learn to shoot and edit?

I learned myself, through a lot of trail and error! I like to watch different movies and write down specific things that I like about them, then try to add these things to my videos.


关于教学About Teaching

1.    您在学校教授的学科?

What subjects do you teach at school?

I teach Maths and IMYC to Grade 6 and 7 

2.    您会经常和同学们分享旅行的见闻吗?(如果有,同学们会有什么反应?)

Do you often share your experiences of traveling with your classmates? (If so, how would the students react?)

For my recent competition video, I showed my students an early draft to ask their opinions. I got some great feedback! 

3.    在教室里上课的Adam老师和视频里的Adam有什么不同?

What's the difference between Teacher Adam in the classroom and Adam in the video?

No, I don’t think so. I’m very easy-going (most of the time!)

4.    旅游带给了您什么样的教学灵感?

What teaching inspirations did traveling bring to you?

5.    在华师双语任教的一年中,您最深刻的感受是什么?

What are your deepest feelings during your one year of bilingual teaching in 华师双语?

I am proud of the clear progress my students have made in such a short time, and I am excited to see them continue to grow!

6.    您在学校的活动中,也经常支持一些视频拍摄的工作,拍摄这些视频时,您是怎么构思的?

In school activities, you often support some video shooting work. How do you conceive when shooting these videos?

7.    如果有机会您自选一个主题,在校园内,您会想创意一个怎样的短片?

If you have the chance to choose a theme, what kind of short film would you like to create on campus

I have a good idea, but I can’t really put it into words – I guess the title would be “You are ECNUAS” and would focus on the idea that everyone works together in school to great the great big family that is our school!

8.    阳光下一小时的课程,你会教同学们什么内容?

What’s the main idea of you under sunshine 1hour Course? What will you teach for your students? 

I will show them the basics of how to edit videos. We will focus on pacing, transitions, adding audio, colour grading and hopefully have time to shoot and edit our own short videos!


关于中国 About China

1.    您游览了中国哪些地方?

Where did you visit in China?

Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Xiamen, Guilin, Yangshou, Lijiang, Shangri-La, Ningde, Guiyang, Zunyi, Chengdu, Changsha, Fuzhou, Wenzhou, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Shanghai, and Beijing. 

2.    目前最喜欢的地方是哪里?

What's your favorite place so far?

It has to be Yubeng village in northern Yunnan. Surrounded by snowy mountains on 3 sides, and taking a 4 hour hike to get there, it was absolutely incredible. Breathtaking!

3.    用一句话表达对中国的感情,会是什么?

What would be one sentence to express your feelings towards China?

I will always be immensely grateful for all of the opportunities that I have been fortunate to experience in China, and I hope I can continue to make many more memories here for years to come!